Thursday, May 3, 2012

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Day 198
If I could dream up a perfect kindergarten teacher for my kids it would be Mrs. H.  Lucky for me two of my three boys happily sat on her carpet and listened to her sing about chicken soup and springtime.

She has this way of bewitching the kids that fascinates me.  She talks in a whispery voice so low at times you need to lean in to hear.  She never raises her voice but still manages to guide children to make good choices.    

Every morning I send A. on the bus confident he will have a wonderful day. 

My youngest graduates to first grade in less than a month.  Gulp.  First grade.  It’s a touchpoint in a parent’s life to have one’s “baby” more on with the “big” kids.  Ready or not, it’s coming.  But no more kindergarten means no more Mrs. H.  I can hardly stand it. 

Her room mother for the past two years, I want to do something special with the patch of dirt near the kindergarten playground.  An unused 20 X 5 foot patch of dirt, it’s got potential.  I’ve heard Mrs. H. mention on more than one occasion her desire for a butterfly garden. 

It’s a perfect day to start that project.    

Maybe it’s my training and years working as a reporter, but if I don’t know what I’m doing, I go to an expert.  The boys and I visit Natorps, a local gardening center, where a very helpful and knowledgeable staffer sketches out a plan.  It’s full of fragrant lavender and bright-colored hibiscus.  Perennial geraniums invite butterflies to visit.  Sweet-smelling liatris encourage them to stay.  Butterfly bushes anchor the space.   

We don’t dig today, but we’ve got a plan.  If you have a plan, it’s a start.  

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