Sunday, May 20, 2012

Love Flash Mob

Day 211 
There’s a great blog I read regularly called Momastery.  Written by talented writer Glennon Melton, it’s a fun romp through motherhood with a heavy dose of humanity and humility thrown in.  It’s also a blog with a cause and you all know I’m a sucker for one of those.   

Part of her blog focuses on how Monkees (blog followers) can help each other.  As part of Monkee See Monkee Do, Melton encourages readers to send an email and share their story of someone in need.  The Monkees then ban together and see what they can do as a collective group to help. 

Help takes many shapes: healing thoughts, prayers, kind words or monetary donations.    

Today, Momastery hosts its first ever online love flash mob with a goal to raise $85,000.  No, that’s not a typo.  Eighty-five THOUSAND dollars.  There’s a catch.  No one can donate more than $25.  The point of the flash mob is that if everyone does a little the outcome will be great.  TOGETHER we can do amazing things. 

The money will go to purchase new, top-of-the-line mini vans equipped to meet the medical and family needs of two Monkees: Claudia, a single mom diagnosed with ALS, who is raising three children with Fragile X syndrome.  She currently lives with her youngest son who has autism and his caretaker. 

The second Monkee Mindy, a mother of four, has stage 4 lung, bone and liver cancer.  With sky-high medical bills, she and her husband Paul can’t get their car out of the shop. 

Something about their stories compelled me to hit the donate button.  Maybe it’s the shared sisterhood of motherhood, maybe it’s a deep thankfulness that it’s not me with these terrible afflications: whatever it is, I join the flash mob.  I do my small part along with other Monkees across cyberspace. 

* In 51 hours, the love flash mob raised $82,874.93 with no one donor giving more than $25.  That’s a lot of hand-waving, flash-mobbing, loving.  

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