Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sugar and Spice: I'm Trying to be Nice

Day 10

Ms. Anonymous, I know who you are.  You can’t hide any longer behind your letters and your phone calls to city hall.  I’m calling you out. 

Winning affords one generosity. 

Today I gathered ingredients.  Tomorrow I bake. 

The boys and I will deliver cookies to a long list of neighbors who supported us throughout our tree house appeal.  We’ll make one special delivery to the woman who started the whole thing in motion. 

“I wouldn’t give that woman cookies!”  says my mom.  Yells my mom.  From three states away. 

“I’m not doing it for her.  I’m doing it for me.”  I am. 

I love to bake.  Nothing expresses my thanks, my concern or my happiness more than a plate full of cookies.  They say, “I cared enough to make these for YOU.” 

By giving her cookies, I’m showing my kids that you can disagree with someone and still work things out. As happy as I am about the zoning board’s decision, I’m certain it makes her blood boil that such an eyesore won a stamp of approval to exist in her community.  

It will be an effort on both our parts: mine to give them; hers to accept them.  One day and a yes vote don’t erase the two months of angst she caused my family.  At the end of the day, she knows she lost.  

It’s a start in the right direction.  It’s a good faith effort to put things back. 

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