Friday, September 23, 2011

Candy From a Baby

Day 5

Rain!  Awesome! 

I envisioned great random acts all day of sheltering strangers from the rain with my large golf umbrella.  From the grocery store to their car, from the gym to their car, from the library to their car, the possibilities were endless!   

I swear as soon as I pulled away from the house, the skies began to clear and all ideas of random kindness evaporated along with the puddles.  (Maybe this was karma telling me you can’t really PLAN random acts.)

Plans foiled, I kept alert and went on with my day.  After school, the kids and I hopped in the car and drove to a neighbor’s to watch the high school Homecoming parade.  Every year a dozen cars filled with members of the marching band, the Homecoming Court and a handful sports teams drive through the neighborhood in route to the stadium and the night’s big game. 

The parade turned the corner from Trailwind onto Baywind.  Lights flashed.  Sirens blared.  Cheerleaders cheered. 

My kids scrambled like professionals.  Let’s be clear.  We go for the candy. 
Not one stray piece escaped their laser eyes. 

The last car turned south onto Zig Zag as the school bus rolled up.  Five minutes earlier and the busload of kids would have been joining my kids in the hunt.  Five minutes later than usual and they missed the whole thing. 

The kids lowered the windows of the bus.  My boys started throwing their candy into the open windows to loud cheers. 

My neighbor looked at me and laughed, “There’s your random act of kindness!”  

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  1. What awesome kids you have, Ashley! Poor Colin was stuck on the bus watching the parade go by. He cried when he got off 4 minutes later and realized he'd missed the whole thing. It spoiled the evening for him. Wish we'd had someone like your three step up and help out the riders on Number 6!