Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ugh. Morning.

Day 237
I’m not firing on all cylinders. 

Even Bob at Kroger comments.  “You got a case of the dropsies, too?” he laughs.  I give him a half-hearted wave as I stoop to pick up some bananas from the floor.  

Yeah, that and a case of the can’t-sleep-with-a-6-year-old’s-knee-in-my-back, but that’s too much information to share at this early in the morning. 

Milk.  Fruit.  Donuts.  Focus.  Focus.  Focus. 

I stumble to the car with my groceries.  An abandoned cart in the empty lot lisps dangerously to the right.  I might not be able to carry anything, but I certainly can push something.  I click the cart with mine and push (at a snail’s pace) the carts to the corral.  Whew.  Now home to feed the savages.  

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