Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Skip Through Bourbon Country

Day 248
I’ve done the Susan G. Komen 3-Day.  Twice.  Each time, I’ve solicited friends and complete strangers for donations to fulfill the $2300 minimum fundraising requirement. 

Both times, after meeting survivors and family members of those that cancer took, I thought the same thing.  I should have raised more.  I could have raised more.  Next time I will. 

Being involved in such a coordinated effort for one single cause gives you perspective on how one disease reaches its tentacles into so many aspects of a life.  It moves you in a way I can’t adequately describe.  It commits you to continue helping in small and big ways in the future because you’ve seen what this disease does.  

You’ve seen it’s ugly face and you vow to do anything in your power to stomp all over it. 

When a friend sent an email asking for donations to support his team run for the American Lung Association, I hit the donate button within minutes of reading his note.  Plus, it’s a crazy undertaking.  He and his team will run 200 miles through scenic bourbon country in Kentucky over 36 hours.  Who doesn't love a little crazy?  

Whether it’s lung cancer or breast cancer, by donating we contribute to a cure.  Dollars go towards diagnosis and treatment.  Research.  

To borrow a line from the American Cancer Society, it goes towards more birthdays.

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