Sunday, July 22, 2012

Street Fest

Day 247
The darkening skies scare us off.  We pack up the kids and call it a night.  An evening at a neighborhood street festival sounds delightful.  An evening with three soggy boys does not. 

If I’m being honest, an early night snuggled on the couch watching a movie with my husband while the kids sleep appeals to me more than a drink under the stars.   

“Will we see you later?” a parent from Cub Scouts asks.  He and his wife are heading home to drop their kids with a sitter before returning for the late night live music.   

“Not tonight,” Chaz answers.  “Heading for dry ground.”

The dad laughs and turns towards his car. 

It’s step, step, stop.  Friends are everywhere.  I hang back to talk to another neighbor when Chaz takes off at a sprint.  He catches up to a friend and hands him our unused drink tickets. 

“We’ll toast the Ellis’ tonight,” he yells back to me and slips his hand inside his pocket. 

“Great!” I wave back having no idea what he’s talking about.      

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