Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bey Blade Birthday

Day 249
I have a small baking business that my husband and I affectionately refer to as “my hobby gone out of control.”  What started as a way to raise money for a breast cancer walk has grown to kids’ parties, classes and weddings.     

My favorite orders continue to be kids’ birthday cakes.  I especially love baking cakes for kids that I know.  I imagine them blowing out the candles, squinting their eyes and making a wish.  Then digging in and eating some great cake.     

“Can you make Bey Blade cookies?” a friend calls to ask.  She’s wanting them to include in gift bags for party guests.   

The mother of three boys, I’m well acquainted with the toy spinners.  “Absolutely,” I answer having never made them before.

We agree on two-dozen and a delivery date.  I send the boys to search their rooms for Bey Blades as I pull out the butter to soften and measure out the sugar and flour. 

“Is this Pegasus?” I ask A. when he hands me a red and blue spinner the size of a half-dollar.  He nods yes.  “Is he a good one?” 

“Oh, yeah,” A. answers.  “He’s tough.”  Tough is boy-speak for awesome.   

I bake up an extra dozen and pack them into the box with the others when I finish decorating. 

I love birthday surprises.  

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