Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rocky Start

Day 233
I often vary my walking route to gather gardening ideas from houses I pass.  Each season offers its’ own set of landscapes and neighborhoods to explore. 

I'm amazed and impressed by the dedication of many of my neighbors.  I know what time is involved to make these yards look this good.  If I ever find it, I'm hoping my yard might look a fraction of this good.  
I turn the corner at Zig Zag and continue walking east.  Water bottle in hand and ear buds piping This American Life into my brain, I could walk for hours. 

Up on the right, decorative rocks scatter across two sidewalk squares.  I assume the heavy rains from Sunday dislodged the stones.  The rest of the yard is manicured and pristine. 

I kneel on the concrete and begin scooping rocks from the sidewalk back under the tree to join a perfect circle of sandy-colored stones.  It occurs to me as I’m scooping that anyone watching from the house’s front window might wonder what I’m doing, become concerned and tear outside to tell me to stop.  I scoop faster.   

Then I pretend to tie my shoe.  Stealth move, right? 

Sidewalk clean, I stand, brush off my knees and continue my walk home.    

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