Sunday, June 3, 2012

Only 100

Day 224
Chaz gets the prize today.

“Hon?  Are you busy?”  Working from home has its’ advantages, your wife asking favors isn’t one of them. 

“Working.  What do you need?” 

“Only if you have time,” I begin.  I want him to have an easy out but I’m in a jam.  “I’m super busy with these cookies and was hoping you might be able to fill some water balloons for the kindergarten picnic?”  I’m rolling and cutting sugar cookie dough to make four-dozen Eiffel Tower cookies to fill an order.  There was some confusion about the delivery date.  Needless to say, I’ve lost a day and I’m 24 hours from crazy. 

“How many?” 

“Only 100?” 

Another might not notice the slight lift of his eyebrow.  I do.  You stay together for 15 years and not read the signs.  His eyebrow says “only”?  “Only 100”?  What I also know after 15 years together is if I ask for help, he’ll move mountains.  

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