Saturday, June 23, 2012

Heat Makes Me Cranky

Day 232
It’s another scorcher with predicted temperatures hovering above the 90s.  The only place to be in the blistering heat is our city pool.  The boys and I slip on our suits, grab some towels and go. 

Through the pool’s front doors, they race directly towards the water.  I see their demeanor change as soon as their feet splash into the cool, clear water.  The heat makes them cranky.  Which makes me cranky.  It’s not a great combination.    

Settling into a white Adirondack chair, a friend and I visit while our kids play in the water.  A little girl dashes by and tosses her damp towel in a heap near my feet.   

I pick up the towel, shake it and hand it to dry on the back of an adjacent chair.  No matter how hot, it’s still nice to have a dry towel when you need one.   

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