Sunday, June 3, 2012

Birthday Money

Day 223
Today my baby turns six.  It seems every time I blinked my eyes he was taller, running faster, taking chances, growing up. 

Two of A.’s buddies also have birthdays this month and our weekends are filled with party invitations.  I know what my son wants for his birthday but try and gather ideas for his friend, Hayden. 

“I could use my birthday money to buy Hayden’s gift.”

“Oh, honey.  That is really, really nice of you, but you don’t need to do that.” 

“But he’s my friend.”  

“Yes, he is.  But the people who gave you money for your birthday wanted you to get something you really wanted.”  I pause to let this sink in.    

“How about this?  How about you get a fun new toy and invite Hayden over to play?”  

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