Saturday, April 7, 2012

First Grade Rock Star

Day 179
First grade boys are funny little people. 

For the last several weeks, F.’s talked incessantly about a new girl who will be joining his class. Her family moved to Cincinnati to be closer to her doctors at Cincinnati Children’s.  I don’t know any specifics only that her treatment ended recently and her doctors agree it’s safe for her to be around other children. 

In F.’s mind, the little girl rivals any rock star.  She got to miss school…for months!  Who but first grade royalty gets to do that? 

“So,” I ask as the boys bound off the bus.  “How was the new girl?” 

F. shrugs. 

“Did you say hello?  Sit next to her?  Help fill her bucket?” That morning we’d brainstormed ideas on how to welcome a new friend to class and ways to make her first day better.

“Not really.”  After spending weeks anticipating her arrival, it seems he spent much of the day pretending she didn’t exist.  My outgoing boy seems to have come down with a case of shy. 

“Did you at least throw her a smile?” 

F. considers.  “I helped her pass out crates.” 

It’s a start. 

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