Saturday, August 4, 2012

Take a Deep Breath and BLOW!

Day 255
The waiters bound out of the kitchen singing what I can only assume is “Happy Birthday” in Spanish.  It’s accompanied by an odd rhythm of hand clapping and toe tapping. 

The birthday boy looks to be in his early twenties.  He wears an enormous sombrero and looks slightly uncomfortable with all the attention.  To the contrary, his date appears giddy with fanfare.  The lead waiter places a quickly melting ice cream scoop topped with a lit candle in front of the birthday boy.

The singing turns to English and I join in.  I. rolls his eyes and grins.  (As a parent, it’s important to teach children that it’s never too early to start embarrassing them in public.)  A. bobs his head to the singing oblivious to I.’s assessment of my cool factor. 

Happy Birthday, Stranger!  Blow out your candle and make a wish!  I hope whatever it is you want comes true! 

And if it’s that we all stop singing, well, the song’s almost over.  

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