Friday, August 17, 2012

Spring Freshness

Day 259
I open the dryer and pull out the still-warm clothes.  Sweet little girl dresses.  Pink shorts with frilly hems.  Princess underwear.  All these things are foreign to a mom of three boys. 

A new camp friend watches me fold as she readies herself for bed.  If she wonders why I’m folding so much pink she never asks.     

I pile the laundered clothes into a neat pile.  I make quick work of it.  I don’t want to be found out.  One part of committing random acts of kindness is the covertness of the sting operation. 

I join Junko at the sink where side-by-side we brush our teeth. 

The sound of the wood door hitting the jam causes us to turn.   

“My laundry,” the woman says and smiles.  “Who did this?”

I shrug my shoulder, turn back towards the sink and continue brushing. 

“She did,” Junko offers, pointing to me. 

I adopt a tactic I sometimes use with my kids: Ignore and maybe they’ll stop talking.

“You did?” the woman asks. 

Still brushing.  Still ignoring. 

“Yes,” Junko clarifies. 

My cover blown I spit my toothpaste and turn.  And dazzle her with my shiny grin.    

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