Saturday, August 4, 2012

Shake Your Senior Thang

Day 253
We arrive early for the Ohio Senior Olympics.  The race walk event is slated to begin at eight am.  Sharp. 

The boys and I spent last night making signs to cheer on Aunt Marty who will be participating in today’s 1500-meter race walk.  She’s got a great sense of humor so we don’t worry that our anthem of “You’re not too old to go for gold!” will offend.  

We’re also working out a small cheer (who says high school cheerleaders have no skills?) to perform when she walks past the stands. 

It goes a little like this:

Shake it!  (Shake to the right.   Shake to the left)
Don’t break it! (Dramatically grab hip.) 

I know.  Great, right? 

The boys and I hike up the stadium stairs to find a good seat with a view.  Water from last night’s rain beads on the aluminum benches. 

“Wait! Don’t sit!” I tell the boys.  “Let me get towels from the car.” 

A benefit of rarely cleaning my car is I have at my disposal lots of problem solving tools: A stack of fast food napkins?  Kleenex!  A half-eaten box of crackers? Emergency snacks!  Towels from the pool?  Bench dryers!

I return with four slightly damp towels and give the boys each one.  I. dries the seat we plan to sit on then runs to the top of the stands.  F. follows.  They systematically dry each row for fans that may arrive in the next half hour. 

What good sports, I think.   

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