Sunday, August 12, 2012

Right. Left. Right. Left.

Day 256
“Don’t lean over too far or we’ll tip,” I say. 

My warning sets A. to screaming.  “We’re going to tip?  We’re going to fall in?” he cries. 

“No, no,” I say backpedaling quickly.  “I just…   Oh…  Look, a crane!”  I point to the right of the canoe to distract him from his current line of questioning. 

I., A. and I paddle at Sharon Woods, a jewel within the Hamilton County Parks system.  Less than ten minutes from our house, it’s a treasure trove for geocaching, fishing and hiking.      

We start our canoe excursion as a leisurely tour of the lake.  We spy turtles, ducks and itty-bitty fish.  The only thing that distracts from nature’s beauty is the trash that floats and bobs and creates man-made obstacles for the wildlife. 

That's until we get an idea.  

It becomes a skills test for us, this weaving back and forth between bottles.  I. and I work together to steer the canoe seamlessly from one can to another.  I. carefully leans over the canoe and grabs the trash.  A. piles the finds at his feet.  

Whoever spots a bottle directs the course of our canoe. 

“There!”  We paddle right.    

“Over here!”  We paddle left. 

“Right!  Right!  Right!”  We turn around and go back.    

At the end of the hour, our arms shake from the effort and our cheeks hurt from smiling.     

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