Monday, March 4, 2013

Slow Wins the Race

Day 356
I spy the older woman as I edge closer towards my car and purposely slow my pace.  I intentionally stand back hidden from view and give her space.

The woman struggles with the passenger side door.  She grabs the doorframe for balance and with some effort pulls herself into the large SUV on the second attempt. 

I watch all this from behind my car’s back window.  I’m parked beside her and don’t want her to feel rushed or worried that she’s too slow. 

This woman now safely tucked and buckled into her SUV, I wait for her to pull out of her spot.  Only then do I turn the corner of my car, unlock my door and drive away. 

When I’m out shopping with the boys, I feel obligated to scoot them into the car if another driver who parks next to us arrives.  “Move, move, move,” I scold and rush, rush, rush them into the car so that another won’t be inconvenienced 30-seconds. 

I may be projecting.  These other drivers don’t tell me to hurry.  They stand patiently with their keys at the ready waiting for me to finish.  But why not stand back and out of view so the person can enter their car without feeling rushed?

It seems such a small act of kindness, this awareness of others and our surroundings.  But then again if you add all the little things together you get something big.       


  1. I do the same. Its such a simple thing that we all could do! I love your comment at the end "if you add all the little things together you get something big." You are so right!!

    1. Thanks for visiting! As I near Day 365 I'm going to start focusing on my first draft of The Bully Antidote and start posting draft chapters for comment. It's the story for middle school readers where the main character uses random acts of kindness to change her school.