Sunday, March 10, 2013

Advocare Advocate

Day 358
When you try a new restaurant or find a steal on Groupon, we women are the first to share.  Try this!  Go there!  We herald the good news and it spreads like a fire through dry grass. 

That’s why I can’t help telling everyone I meet about Advocare. 

It starts with a shocked, “What are you doing?” to which I smile and give a small spin. 

In January, I started a 10-day cleanse and followed it with a 14-day regiment of vitamins and supplements.  I did it because of too many spins through the McDonald’s drive-thru lane.  I did it because I wanted to sleep better at night.  I did it because I plan to live to 100 so I can spend as many days with my husband and boys as possible. 

I did it for better nutrition.  It’s a happy coincidence that I’m down 15 pounds and into some smoking skinny jeans.       

More than that I feel great.  I’m making healthier choices for my family.  I enjoy more energy.  I feel like a 20-year-old with the wisdom of a 43-year-old.  Could there be anything better than that?  Except maybe getting all my friends to feel the same? 

Kindness means wanting others to succeed and doing what you can to help them.      

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