Sunday, December 16, 2012

Straightening Out Priorities

Day 315 
There never seem to be enough hours in the day.  That’s doubly true for the weeks leading up to Christmas.  Can’t Santa change that?  Maybe make days 30 hours long instead of 24? 

When a call to help comes from the school to volunteer a few hours to sort canned goods into holiday food baskets, I admit that I think about taking a pass.  Oh, the shopping.  The baking.  The holiday card addressing.  My to-do list seems to grow as the days leading up to December 25th zip past in a blur. 

But I don’t.  Because the shopping, the baking and the card addressing can wait.  It all can wait.  If I don’t help needy families in my community then no matter how much Christmas cheer I buy or bake, I’ll have missed the real reason of the holiday. 

I’m trying hard to whittle it down to the basics: The holidays are about family and friends.  It’s about helping others.  It’s about being fortunate for what I have and not being wistful for what I don’t.    

The rest, the baking and shopping, can wait.  And if it all doesn’t get done, that’s OK, too. 

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