Thursday, December 27, 2012

From One Angel to Another

Day 322
Each December, the boys and I pick three angels off the Giving Tree at church. 

“Because we’re angels?” A. asks sweetly.  He throws his theory out to the universe in hopes that Santa is listening. 

“Nice try,” I laugh, “but no.” 

We pick three because three boys live in our house.  Each boy chooses another to buy and wrap presents for during the holiday season.  My hope is they’ll learn that giving is as much a part of this holiday as receiving. 

“This boy wants long underwear,” I. says, reading the wish from the backside of an angel.  “That’s kind of sad.” 

The angels also give us pause to talk about how lucky we are and why it’s important to be thankful. 

“Why do you think that’s sad?” I ask, a question designed to get him thinking. 

“Because that means he doesn’t have any,” I. replies.  “But I think toys would be more fun.” 

I agree.  Kids and toys go together like Christmas and Santa.  So that’s what we agree to do.  Wrap up a box of toys with a pair of long underwear tucked in for good measure.  


  1. I love giving a toy to the Salvation Army every year - it helps get us all into the Christmas Spirit! :)

    1. Rebecca, I love that idea! The kids love to put change in the red kettles when they see the ringers. In today's modern world, I don't always carry cash (or change). They keep reminding me to bring change when we leave the house. Happy Holidays! Thanks for visiting!

  2. When we were little I remember picking ornaments off the tree at church and buying gifts... It was one of my favorite Christmas memories. We would often buy a little toy for the tags that asked for clothing too --

    1. I hope my kids remember buying gifts for other kids when they are older and become parents. Actually, I hope they continue the tradition and do it with their own!