Thursday, December 27, 2012

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Day 321
This week, friends and families in Sandy Hook say goodbye to little ones who only days before were writing lists to Santa.  I can’t imagine this grief.  The emptiness these families are feeling must be paralyzing.    

As if hearing my helplessness, a high school friend forwards a national sympathy card and asks if I want to sign.  It’s a small gesture, so miniscule in the vastness of this tragedy that I nearly decline.  How can one name lessen this hurt?  But I click through to read it anyways. 

That’s when I see that at last count over 2.4 million people have signed the card making it the largest single condolence card in history.  One plus one plus one doesn’t seem so small anymore.    

Will it bring these children back?  Will it erase the last week?  Rewind time?  No.  But maybe, maybe, it will let those hurting know that one by one, we care.  Together that equates to something.       

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  1. Sandy Hook was such a terrible tragedy. No, we can not change what happened, but we can let them know we care.