Friday, January 4, 2013

Full Bellies

Day 329
Who knew one of the day’s highlights would be feeding meters? 

The boys and I are downtown trying to squeeze out as much fun, fun, fun as possible before school starts on Monday: Skating at Fountain Square.  Lunch with Chaz.  Carew Tower.  Sweet Abby Cupcakery. 

What do the boys talk about on the ride home?  This.

I give each of the boys a handful of quarters and tell them to find expired meters.  Each embraces the task as they do life. 

I. analyzes each meter and carefully selects which meter he should feed. 

A. runs willy nilly down the street putting quarters in every meter he passes, even those without cars parked beside them. 

F. searches until he hits the jackpot and finds an expired meter flashing red. 

We cover four blocks.  Up.  Down.  Hungry meters get full bellies. 

“High five,” I say, smiling when each runs back to report and hold up their hand in triumph. 

Our mittens connect in a muffled slap.  


  1. That's so sweet! I don't often take my kids downtown (and that's where the meters are here), but I think that's a great project!

    1. It was so fun to see how each of my boys approached it. So telling as to who they are. They emptied me out of change! My advice is bring bunches because once the kids start finding meters, it's no hold bars!