Tuesday, January 8, 2013

For the Birds

Day 332
Most days I throw on another layer to stay warm inside our house.  We like to call it the “charm” of an older house with little insulation.   

Our feathered friends don’t have the option of a sweater.  The freezing temps prompt us to fatten up our birds in hopes of keeping them warm.

The boys and I thread cheerios onto long pipe cleaners looping one end to make a hook and twisting the other to keep the cheerios from falling off.  It’s a fun, easy project for the kids and hopefully something the birds in the yard will appreciate. 

“Did you know that yesterday was National Bird Day?” F. asks as he reaches for a second pipe cleaner. 

“There’s a National Bird Day?”  I ask and wonder how he knows this.     

“Oh, yeah,” he says with authority but gives nothing away.    

“Then it seems a perfect project for today.” 

*Out of curiosity I google “National Bird Day” after the kids board the bus.  Darn it all, F. wins again.  Learn more about National Bird Day at www.nationalbirdday.com.   

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  1. Visiting from SITS - love all of your pics! I am hoping to use this idea in my classroom! Thanks for sharing:)!