Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Everyday Magic

Day 304
“Mom, Mom!  I did a random act of kindness today,” my 6-year-old says.  We’re sharing about our day and I’ve told him how I’ve spent the afternoon with Kasey. 

“What did you do?” I ask genuinely interested.  I love to hear a kid’s perspective on what kindness looks like. 

“Ben?  You know Ben?”  he asks, waiting for my reply before he continues. 

“Yes, I know Ben.”

“Well, he didn’t have an eraser and he needed to erase something so I erased it for him.  Because I had one on my pencil.” 

“That was really nice.  How did it make your friend feel?” 

“He didn’t even notice,” A. says.  “He went on doing his work and acted like it erased itself by magic.” 

He’s not too far off, I think.  Random acts of kindness are like little bits of magic.   


  1. It's wonderful that your child is already thinking of how to deliberately be kind to others. I suspect it comes naturally and isn't much effort at all. :)

  2. They are much more kind to kids they are not related to. We're working on spreading the love at home, too!